The American Institute of the Humanities offers a comprehensive educational overview of the history of the Americas and of ancient civilizations. The study of History – the recovery and analysis of the full range of human activity over time – is as rewarding as it is challenging. Past cultures and civilizations are worth studying for their own sake, yet historical awareness not only enriches contemporary experience by linking the present with the past, thus explaining the origins of many of the world’s current problems, but also helps to recognize that our own cultural and social values are not the only or even most natural or just ones that people have lived with. As globalization makes the world a smaller and more homogenous place history remains one of the few real fields for exploration and anthropological research – and through the study of history you can encounter new tribes and lost kingdoms. Discovering these alien cultures will help you to understand your own prejudices. The study of history, therefore, involves acquiring the intellectual know-how to evaluate varied kinds of evidence and the skills necessary to interpret it and communicate its significance to others.

Institute students have the advantage of engaging in the study of history in a home-study format. All materials (textbooks, assignment/study materials) are shipped directly to the student. Additionally, home-study programs allow the student to complete course requirements at their own pace, in accordance with today's busy, fast-paced lifestyles.

Completed coursework may be submitted to the Institute for grading via email or through the U.S. mail.